Fall 2007 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
6-Sep-07 Echoes from the Sky: Observations and Physics of Meteors Meers Oppenheim
13-Sep-07 Changes to Plasmasheet Composition During Geomagnetic Storms and Substorms Lynn Kistler
20-Sep-07 Aurora on Ganymede Melissa McGrath
27-Sep-07 Investigating the Energetic Particle “Loss-cone” Distribution Hank Voss
4-Oct-07 Approach to Solar Minimum: The STEREO Perspective Toni Galvin
11-Oct-07 Magnetosphere/Ionosphere Coupling: Perspective from the Ionosphere Joe Huba
18-Oct-07 Saturn in a Spin Alison Farmer
25-Oct-07 Assimilative 3D Models of Density and Temperature in the Solar Corona Farzad Kamalabadi
1-Nov-07 Micro-satellites for space weather research: plans for a new NSF program Teresa Jorgensen
8-Nov-07 Experiments to Measure Solar Wind – Magnetosphere – Ionosphere Electrodynamic Bob Clauer
15-Nov-07 Equatorial Ionospheric irregularity and meteor studies at Jicamarca using interferometry and aperture synthesis radar techniques Jorge L. Chau
22-Nov-07 EARTH’S MAGNETOSPHERE: Created by the Low Latitude Boundary Layer Walter Heikkila