Fall 2004 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
September 9 SAR Arcs During Geomagnetic Storms Dr. Janet Kozyra
University of Michigan
September 16 Radio Astronomy Dr. Leonid Matveenko
September 23 Status of CISM Dr. Jeffrey Hughes
Boston University
September 30 Mars Magnetic Field and Plasma Dr. Dave Mitchell
University of California, Berkeley
October 7 Earth Ionosphere Dr. Jonathan Friedman
October 14 Mars Atmosphere from SPICAM Dr. Eric Quemerais
October 21 Mars Atmospheric Chemistry Prof. Jack McConnell
York University
October 28 Cluster Measurements of Magnetospheric Plasma Convection Jack Quinn
University of New Hampshire
November 4 Cassini at Saturn at High Energies Dr. Tom Krimigis
Applied Physics Lab
November 19 Water on Mars and Habitability Dr. Bruce Jakosky
December 2 Sun-Solar System Science, A Biography of a Field George Siscoe
Boston University