Fall 2003 Seminar Schedule

Date Topic Speaker
September 11 Cavitation of waves in plasmas, as detected by instrumented spacecrafts Prof. Hans Pecseli
University of Oslo
September 18 The 1 AU Transit Time of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections Dr. Matthew Owens
Imperial College, London
September 25 How to publish a paper in Nature Dr. Leslie Sage
October 2 Tides in the Martian Upper Atmosphere-And Other Topics Dr. Paul Withers
Center for Space Physics, Boston University
October 9 Alfven-cyclotron wave heating of collisionless plasmas Dr. Peter Gary
Los Alamos National Lab
October 16 3D Modeling of the Earth’s Ionosphere Dr. Joseph Huba
Naval Research Laboratory
October 23 The Solar Wind Scaling Law Dr. Nathan Schwardron
South West Research Institute
October 30 The Effects of Polar Disturbances on Mesosphere and Thermosphere Composition and Thermodynamics Prof. Abas Sivjee-Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University
November 6 The Discovery of Liquid Oceans in the Icy Galilean Satellites of Jupiter Dr. Krishnan Khurana
November 13 Aeronomy of Extrasolar Planets at Small Orbital Distances Prof. Roger Yelle
University of Arizona
November 20 Some Aspects of the Interstellar Environment of the Sun Dr. Rosine Lallement