Fall 2000 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
September 14 The Formation of Polar Cap Patches and the Motion of Sun-Aligned Arcs Dr. Cesar Valladares
Boston College
September 18 (Monday) Astronomy/Space Physics Joint Seminar:
Where do Meteorites Come From?
Prof. Richard Binzel
September 21 Exploring Mars with Small Aircraft Dr. Wendy Calvin
University of Nevada, Reno
September 28 The Radio Plasma Imager on IMAGE: Measuring Techniques and First Results Prof. Bodo Reinisch
University of Massachusetts, Lowell
October 5 The Super-Rotation of Atmospheres Prof. Henry Rishbeth
University of Southampton
October 12 Use of GPS Observations for Data Assimilation in Global Models Dr. Xiaoqing Pi
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
October 19 Relativistic Electron Variability in Earth’s Magnetosphere Dr. Terry Onsager
Space Environment Center / NOAA
October 26 Super-Duper DARN Results Dr. Raymond Greenwald
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
November 2 Adaptive Optics Applied to High Resolution Studies of the Sun Dr. Stephen Keil
Sacramento Peak Observatory
November 9 Plasma Turbulence Dr. David Newman
University of Colorado, Boulder
November 16 Energetic Oxygen Ions in Geospace Dr. Q. Zong
Max Planck Institute, Lindau
November 30 Chlorine on Io Prof. Nick Schneider
University of Colorado