Fall 1997 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
September 4 ISTP Observations of Sun-Earth Connection Events Nikky Fox
September 11 Interhemispheric Analysis of Geomagnetic Disturbances that Occurred Deep in the Polar Caps Volodya Papitashivili
University of Michigan
September 18 The Interplanetary Causes of Intense and Super Intense Magnetic Storms and Magnetic “quiet” throughout the solar cycle. Bruce Tsurutani
September 25 Magnetic Field Signatures of Dayside Reconnection at 30 Re In the Magnetotail Zerefsan Kaymaz
Istanbul Technical University
October 2 The View of the Solar Corona from SOHO / LASCO Russell Howard
NRL E.O. Hubert Center for Space Research
October 9 New Perspectives on the Solar Wind Shadia Habbal
Center for Astrophysics
Harvard University
October 16 Transient Flows in the Magnetospheric Cusp: MACCS and Polar Observations W. Jeffrey Hughes
Boston University
Department of Astronomy
October 23 Annual and Semiannual variations in the F2-Layer H. Rishbeth
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Southampton
Southampton United Kingdom.
October 28 Energetic Neutral Atom [ENA] observations in and near a proton aurora arc measured with a rocket-born instrument. Finn Soraas
University of Bergen
October 30 Observations of Planetary Aurora John Clarke
University of Michigan
November 6 Thermospheric Oxygen-Hot, Cold, Dissociated and Ionized. Bill Oliver
Boston University
Department of Engineering
November 13 The Magnetospheric Response to the CME Passage of January 10-11, 1997 as Observed at Geosynchronous Orbit Michelle Thomsen
Los Alamos National Laboratory
November 20 Solar Mass Ejections and Recent Geoactivity David Webb
ISR, Boston
December 4 Storms in Jupiter’s Inner Magnetosphere Barry Mauk
Applied Physics Laboratory / JHU
December 18 Dayside / Nightside coupling at Substorm Onset V. A. Pilipenko
Institute of Physics of the Earth