Fall 1996 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
September 19 Gravity Waves and the Galileo Spaceprobe Leslie Young
Boston University
September 26 Exploring the Solar System with Spacecraft: Scientific Problems and Plans for Cassini, DS1 / NMP, and Campollion / Rosetta Roger Yelle
Boston University
October 3 Mountains and Valleys in the High Latitude F Region Ionosphere Alan Rodger
British Antarctic Survey
October 10 An Interplanetary View of Mass Ejections from the Sun Jack Gosling
Los Alamos National Laboratory
October 17 The Lunar Wake as seen by WIND John Steinberg
October 24 An Evaluation of EUV Remote Sensing of the Ionosphere Jim Vickers
Boston University
October 31 On Substorms in the Geotail Nelson Maynard
Mission Research Corporation
November 7 FTE’s and the onset of Merging David Sibeck
John Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory
November 14 “Fresh Insights on `Old’ Magnetospheric Physics: New Results from the ISTP Program” Harlan Spence
Boston Univerity
November 21 Solar wind access to the mid-Altitude Magnetosphere: Polar / CAMMICE MICS Observations Stefano Livi
Max Planck Institut fuer Aeronomie