Fall 1995 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
August 31 Observation And Theory Of Ring Current Ion Populations Robert Sheldon
University of Bern
September 7 Kinetic Model Of The Terrestrial Ring Current V. K. Jordanova
University of Michigan
September 21 Modeling Plasmaspheric Dynamics With The Magnetospheric Specification And Forecast Model Richard Lambour
Phillips Lab
September 28 Energetic Helium Isotopes Trapped in the Magnetosphere University Jiasheng Chen
Louisana State
October 5 Light Ions In The Topside F-Region At Arecibo Sixto Gonzalez
Arecibo Observatory
October 12 GEOTAIL Plasma Wave Observations From The Earth’s Magnetosphere To Its Deep Geomagnetic Tail Roger Anderson
University of Iowa
October 19 Oxygen-rich Particle Bursts In The Distant Magnetotail: Observations With The Spectrometer HEP-LD On GEOTAIL Berend Wilken
MPAE / Germany
October 26 Substorms And Plasmaspheric Dynamics Mark Moldwin
Florida Institute of Technology
November 2 Space Weather And Space Science From Geosynchronous Orbit Howard Singer
November 9 Twisted Magnetic Fields In Space And The Currents That Produce Them Margaret Kivelson
November 17 Electron Acceleration By Inertial Alfven Waves Craig Kletzing
November 21 On A New Paradigm For Mesoscale Ionospheric Structure At Mid-latitudes Michael Kelley
November 30 The Equatorial Ionosphere: A View From The Topside Rod Heelis
University of Texas at Dallas
December 7 Theoretical Modeling Of The 1994 Chile / MISETA Campaign David Anderson
Phillips Lab