Business Expenses and Travel Reports

Faculty and Staff:
  • Both business and travel expense reports must be submitted through Concur. (If you need help using the system, please check out our training guides.)



All itemized receipts and boarding passes must be affixed to a piece of paper and delivered to a member of the CSP Office. Receipts for purchases under $25 are not required.


  • A T-Card and Concur must be used to purchase flights when paying from non-grant sources.
  • A T-Card should be used for all expenses when traveling when paying from non-grant sources.
  • You cannot be reimbursed for the following items: contracted services, a family member’s travel expenses, flight insurance, fines, parking tickets, excess baggage fees, or air travel upgrades.

    Business Expenses
  • A T-Card may be used to purchase off-site catering, business meals, professional subscriptions/dues, and research-related materials under $1,000 (but only while traveling).
  • All other research-related expenses must be obtained through the CSP office. If purchased personally, please refer to Sourcing & Procurement’s 
    Shopper’s Guide for policies regarding purchases. If BU’s policies are not followed, you might be ineligible for reimbursement
  • You cannot be reimbursed for tax unless the charge is occurred while traveling. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to have tax removed. BU’s tax exemption certificate can be found here.