About Us

The Center pursues a broad range of research in space physics, including: space plasma physics, magnetospheric physics, ionospheric physics, atmospheric physics, exoplanet studies, and planetary and cometary atmospheric studies. Students in astronomy, applied physics, and engineering conduct research through the Center. The Center also serves as the coordinating mechanism for grant management and proposal development through NASA, NSF, and the Department of Defense.

The Center is administered by a Director Professor John Clarke, and an Associate Director, Associate Professor Joshua Semeter. They are assisted by Assistant Director, Heidi Kendig, who is primarily responsible for the fiscal management of the Center’s research grants and contracts. The Center’s Faculty are drawn from departments in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering who provide the research leadership. As principal investigators they write research proposals, manage research projects, and supervise graduate students and research staff. The research staff consists of research associates, usually fairly recent PhD’s beginning their professional careers, and technical support staff such as programmers and data analysts. A full list of Center personnel is provided here.