Academic Courses

The mission of the BU Center for Space Physics (CSP) is to bring together faculty, graduate students, and research staff from ENG and CAS to pursue new and innovative approaches to space research.

While the CSP does not formally administer degrees, several options exist for students who wish to pursue a concentration in space physics. Boston University, through the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), offers an undergraduate program with concentrations in Astronomy, Physics and Astronomy, and Planetary and Space Science. CAS also offers a graduate program for an MA or a PhD in Astronomy. The following are space physics related courses offered by the Astronomy Department and taught by faculty from both the Department and the Center:

GRS AS 701 Introduction to Astrophysics
GRS AS 703 Introduction to Space Physics
GRS AS 726 Cosmic Gas Dynamics
GRS AS 727 Cosmic Plasma Physics
GRS AS 761 Interstellar Chemistry
GRS AS 781 Planetary Atmospheres
GRS AS 783 Ionosphere
GRS AS 785 Magnestosphere
GRS AS 793 Special Topics in Space Physics
GRS AS 850,851 Astrophysics Seminar
GRS AS 865,866 Space Physics Seminar

The Center is also associated with the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME).

The ECE department has played an especially active role in the Center in recent years, as evidenced by the increasing number of ECE dissertations and theses completed with affiliated faculty. Historically, engineering students in the CSP have pursued research on one of two broad tracks:
1) remote sensing of the Earth’s atmosphere and space environment, primarily with radar, optical, or magnetic sensors
2) development and deployment of space-flight instrumentation. The following graduate courses are offered by the ECE department to support these tracks:

ECE Track 1: Radio science and remote sensing

EC505 Stochastic Processes*
EC565 Electromagnetic energy transmission
EC566 The atmosphere and space environment*
EC702 Recursive estimation and optimal filtering
EC707 Radar Remote Sensing*
EC716 Advanced DSP
EC717 Image reconstruction and restoration
EC731 Applied plasma physics*
AS727 Cosmic Plasma Physics
AS783 Ionospheric Physics (possible cross-list with ECE?)

ECE Track 2: Space Instrumentation and measurement
EC515 Digital communication
EC575 Semiconductor devices
EC580 Modern Active circuit design
EC582 RF/Analog IC design fundamentals*
EC731 Applied plasma physics*
EC751 Design of asynchronous circuits and systems