Space Exploration Symposium Multimedia Links
Welcoming Remarks:
David Fromkin     Video
Supriya Chakrabarti     Video
Opening Address:
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Space Exploration and Human Life PDF Video
Keynote Address:
Lord Rees of Ludlow (Martin J.)
The Future of Space Exploration and Exploitation PowerPoint Video
Luncheon Speaker:
Yevgeny Zvedre
Lessons of the Russian-US Cooperation in Space PowerPoint Video
Session 1: The Future of Human Space Flight:
Jeffrey Hoffman Moderator   Video
Roald Sagdeev Legacy of Sputnik and "friendly" competition between the piloted and robotic approaches of Space Age PowerPoint Video
Freeman Dyson Honest marketing of human activities in space Video
Harrison Schmitt
Realism in the Expansion of the Earth's Economic Sphere to include the moon PowerPoint Video
Question & Answer session     Video
Session 2: The Future of Science
Roger M. Bonnet Moderator Video
C. Z. (Frank) Cheng Space Science in Solar System and Earthly Problems PowerPoint Video
Keith Mason
Space Science and the Engines of Change PowerPoint Video
John C. Mather
Creating the Future of Science from Space PowerPoint Video
Question & Answer session     Video
Youth Vision Session:  
Mark Lupisella, Chris Boshuizen, Shi Heng, Tiffany Frierson Aiming Ahead: Next Generation Visions for the Next 50 Years in Space PowerPoint Video
Dinner Speaker:
Harrison Schmitt
A Trip to the Moon PowerPoint Video
Session 3: The Future of Commercial Space
Jean-Jaques Favier Moderator Video
Ighor K. Uzhinsky
Russian-Ukrainian Dnepr program’s opportunities for commercial space projects PDF Video
Richard Dinkel

How commercial space supports exploration and how we see RpK's strategic contribution over the next decade PowerPoint Video
Eric Knight 
How an entrepreneurial aerospace company has broadly opened the door to space by dramatically reducing the biggest obstacle: cost PowerPoint Video
Session 4: Extraterrestrial Life
Thomas Bania Moderator Video
William R. Stoeger
The Quest for Extraterrestrial Life and Its Impact on Us PDF Video
Charles L. Harper, Jr.
Life out there: Why the question matters and some ideas on how to motivate much stronger interest in the American people PowerPoint Video
Steven Dick
Societal Impact of Cosmic Evolution and Extraterrestrial Life PowerPoint Video
Question & Answer session     Video
Luncheon Speaker
Virender Kumar  Perspective on the Indian Space Program PowerPoint Video
Session 5: Peace and Security
Russell L. Schweickart Moderator Video
Peter L. Hays
Spacepower's Role in Addressing Earthly Security Problems: Opportunities and Challenges PowerPoint Video
James Abrahamson
Earthly Problems and Space Security PowerPoint Video
John Logsdon
Can Cooperation in Space Exploration Enhance Global Security? PowerPoint Video
Question & Answer session     Video
Space Governance Panel
Russell L. Schweickart   PowerPoint Video
Erin Daly  


William Marshall   PowerPoint Video

David Kaiser, Susan Eisenhower,
Sergei Khrushchev

An Evening with Eisenhower and Khrushchev   Video
Question & Answer session     Video
Saturday Workshop
Closing Remarks     Video
  Summary Press Release   PDF


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