CSP Seminar Speaker: Alan Aylward (University College London)

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April 4th, 2011

Speaker: Alan Aylward
Affiliation: University College London

Title: Characterisation of Exoplanets: The Next Step

Date: Thursday, April, 7, 2011
Time:  3:30 PM Refreshments in CAS 500, 4:00 PM Talk
Place:  725 Commonwealth Ave. CAS 502

With over 500 exoplanets now detected and confirmed, and a list of several hundred more from Kepler awaiting confirmation, perhaps it is time to worry less about counting them and make more of an effort at characterisation. In the last week of February the European Space Agency announced the result of its down-selection of its next M-class mission. One of the 4 selected was EChO – the Exoplanet Characterisation Observatory which is designed to make measurements of the composition of the atmospheres of a range of exoplanets in size from Jovian down to “SuperEarth”. We will discuss how far characterisation of exoplanet atmospheres (and bodies) has come so far and what we expect of this new mission. We will also discuss briefly current work on 3-D global circulation models of Gas Giant exoplanets at UCL.