2015 Symposium on Cortical Function

All Boston area researchers are invited to a symposium (workshop) on May 13-14, 2015 at Boston University entitled: “Physics, Mathematics and Neuroscience of Cortical Function.” The symposium will address theories and data on mammalian cortical function for an audience from a broad range of fields.


Boston University Initiative on Physics and Mathematics of Neural Systems (IPMNS).

Boston University Center for Systems Neuroscience.


Wed. May 13: Breakfast starts at 8:30 am (talks start at 9 am). Talks end at 5:30 pm followed by evening reception.

Thurs. May 14: Breakfast starts at 8:30 am (talks start at 9 am). Talks end at 1 pm, lunch ends at 2 pm.

Location: Rm. B01 at 24 Cummington Mall on the Boston University Charles River Campus.

Format: Talks will be 25 min with 5 min question periods and some 15 min discussions. Breakfast, lunch and an evening reception will be provided on May 13 and breakfast and lunch on May 14. There is no attendance fee and registration is not required.

Speakers confirmed for the workshop include (in alphabetical order):

Mark Andermann (Harvard Medical School)

Randy Buckner (Harvard University)

Howard Eichenbaum (Boston University)

Chaka Fattah (D-PA, U.S. House of Representatives)

Surya Ganguli (Stanford University)

Marc Howard (Boston University)

Adam Kepecs (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)

Nancy Kopell (Boston University)

Peter Littlewood (Argonne National Laboratory)

Ken Miller (Columbia University)

Tomaso Poggio (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Haim Sompolinsky (Harvard University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Gene Stanley (Boston University)

Mriganka Sur (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Rafael Yuste (Columbia University)


Prof. Michael Hasselmo

Director, Center for Systems Neuroscience,

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences,

Center for Memory and Brain,

Graduate Program for Neuroscience,

Boston University, 2 Cummington St., Boston, MA, 02215, USA

e-mail: hasselmo@bu.edu, web: http://www.bu.edu/hasselmo


Eri Yamaguchi (Boston University), eriay@bu.edu