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  • The Student Link
    Direct access to public and personal academic, financial and institutional data .
  • Getting started with the Student Link
    Basic information you’ll need to use the Student Link.
  • Online Campus
    Log into orientation and your online course. You will not see your course in the Online Campus until it is launched. New students must register online for orientation.
  • Check Your BU Email
    You are required to have a username and kerberos password.
  • Important Dates
    View semester dates as well as registration, drop and refund deadlines.
  • Register for Classes
    For assistance, please contact the CS Department at 617-353-2566.
  • View your Current Schedule
    Your schedule includes the courses that you are currently registered for.
  • Online Course Tuition Rates
    Current graduate tuition rates are available on this page under the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems heading.
  • Drop a Course
    To drop a course, click on “registration options” and then “drop class”. If you are dropping to zero credits for the entire semester (term 1 & term 2), you must first register for a different course in either term 1 or term 2 and then you will be allowed to drop through Student Link. If you do not plan on registering for either term 1 or 2 you must take a leave of absence to drop a course.
  • Take a Leave of Absence
    Fill out only if you intend to drop the entire semester (Both 1 & 2 terms) or if you are taking both Fall1 & Fall2 or both Spring1 & Spring2 off. Fax completed form to 617-353-6066 or email to metacad@bu.edu.
  • Textbooks
    View required textbooks and purchase at BU Barnes & Noble.
  • Online Tutoring Resources
    Tutoring resources for students in the online program.
  • Forms
    Find Important department guides, applications, registration and program completion forms.
  • Projected Online Course Schedule
    To alleviate gaps in study, plan your online program today with the projected online course schedule.

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