MET CS 780 Database Administration

Prerequisites: CS 579 or CS 669. Or instructor’s consent.
Delivery: Boston-Charles River Campus
Program: MS CS elective, MS CIS elective, MS TC elective

Description: This course prepares students to perform the day-to-day administration of a database system. While most of the examples in this course are based on Oracle database administration, the course also covers the differences in administering Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL and examples. The course covers administration on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms. The course is conducted in the MET computer laboratories, where students will use virtualizations of Oracle and MSSQL on virtualized platforms to perform exercises and gain experience administering databases. Students will also have the opportunity to install these virtualizations on their own PCs. Students interested in obtaining Oracle’s Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Database certification will find this course very relevant. A database management course comparable to MET CS579 or CS669, or consent of the instructor, is the prerequisite for this course. 4 credits.