MET CS 755 Cloud Computing

Prerequisites: MET CS 231 OR MET CS 232. Or instructor’s consent.
Delivery: Boston – Charles River Campus
Program: MS CS elective
Syllabus: CS755_D1_Spring2016; METCS755C1_Summer2016

Description: Cloud computing leverages the World Wide Web to fulfill computing needs. It packages applications, computing power, and storage as a metered service similar to a utility. This model is designed to supplant the traditional mechanism of desktop computing in many cases. This course will cover the origin, theory, enabling technology, and hands-on labs for key concepts in cloud computing. Students will: (1) Learn the unique set of problems and challenges in developing cloud computing applications; (2) Learn the platform, tools, technology and processes for developing cloud computing applications using Hadoop as the main example; and (3) Propose, develop, and run applications for the platforms covered. 4 credits.