MET CS 694 Mobile Forensics and Security

Prerequisite: None
Delivery: Boston-Charles River Campus, Online
Program: MS CIS elective, MS CS elective
Syllabus: CS694_SC1_SUM2015

Description: Mobile devices such as cellphones/smartphones have become essential devices in our daily lives, used for both personal and professional purpose. Enhanced with hardware and software capabilities, mobile devices keep evolving from single purpose to general purpose computing platforms.  It is almost impossible nowadays to conduct a digital forensics investigation without involving any mobile devices. Mobile forensics has become vitally important as a fast growing and evolving discipline.

This course gives an overview of mobile forensics investigation techniques and tools. Topics include mobile forensics procedures and principles, related legal issues, mobile platform internals, bypassing passcode, rotting or jailbreaking process, logical and physical acquisition, data recovery and analysis, and reporting. Provide in-depth coverage of both iOS and Android platforms. Laboratory and hands-on exercises using current tools are provided and required. 4 credits.