MET CS 690 Network Security

Prerequisites: MET CS 535 or  MET CS 625 ; Familiarity with OSI and TCP/IP protocol stack; Background-familiarity with binary numbers, prime numbers, binary- hexadecimal-decimal conversions, etc; Familiarity with computer programming concepts. Or instructor’s consent.
Delivery: Boston-Charles River Campus
Program: MS CS elective, MS CIS elective, MS TC core
Syllabus: CS690_OL_Spring2016

Description: This course will cover advanced network security issues and solutions.  The main focus on the first part of the course will be on Security basics, i.e. security services, access controls, vulnerabilities, threats and risk, network architectures and attacks.  In the second part of the course, particular focus and emphasis will be given to network security capabilities and mechanisms (Access Control on wire-line and wireless networks), IPsec, Firewalls, Deep Packet Inspection and Transport security.  The final portion of the course will address Network Application security (Email, Ad-hoc, XML/SAML and Services Oriented Architecture security.  As part of our course review we will explore a number of Network Use Cases.