MET CS 200 Introduction to Computer Information Systems

Prerequisites: None
Delivery: Boston- Charles River Campus, Online
Program: MS CIS Prerequisite
Syllabus: CS200_O1_Fall 2017

Description: This course is a technically-oriented introductory survey of information technology. The course is designed to prepare students without a technical background to succeed in the entry graduate courses in our Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems program. The course starts with the basics such as the parts of a computer and the different kinds of software, including file systems, databases, computer networks, and the worldwide web. Students then learn about the different types of business systems and the basics of systems analysis, design and development. Students then study the basic mathematics needed for information technology, including the number line, operations on numbers, signed numbers, exponents and powers, algebra, sets, functions, graphs, logarithmic and exponential functions, limits, infinity, and elementary probability. Students then study the representation of data on computers and about databases, and how data is communicated between computers over networks. Finally students learn how computer software is developed, including programming languages, programming systems, data and control structures, arrays, loops, subroutines and classes. Students then develop simple Java programs. 4 credits.