Seminar On Practical Security

We are planning to restart our summer weekly seminar series on the practical elements of security, with the generous support of the MET college through the RISCS center.  Last year, we had an exciting array of presentations including, for example:

Webpage exploitation via local file inclusion
Breaking Tor anonymity using TCP traffic crafting
Network-destabilizing attacks based on the Border Gateway Protocol

Our first meeting will be at noon on Monday, June 10 in PHO 339.  It will be largely an organizational meeting, accompanied by a light lunch and a brief synopsis of some faculty research in the area and results from Blackhat 2012.

Please RSVP, if possible, if you are interested in attending the seminar:

Prof. Ari Trachtenberg
ECE, Boston University


Professor Yuting Zhang
MET Computer Science Department

P.S.  For students who are new this year, the “price” of admission to the seminar is a willingness, in principle, to make one short presentation on security over the summer.  BU has a site license to Blackhat 2012 videos:

( and Defcon 2012 videos
( that you can peruse to get presentation ideas.