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FYSOP 25 is an eye-opening experience that creates a meaningful community that you are now apart of. We hope it will inspire you to continue with service throughout your time here at BU and your whole life.

Human rights is the autonomy that all people have over their own identity, body, and future no matter where they have been, who they are, and what circumstances they are facing. During FYSOP we want to unite and empower folks to overcome human rights violations that are rooted in institutional stigmas. The goal of the Human Rights issue area for FYSOP 25 is to challenge preconceived notions about taboo experiences – such as individuals in prisons, the sex industry, or global citizens seeking opportunity in the United States – to illustrate the injustice of taking away any person’s right to be treated as a human being. We will work with people in Boston to build human connections in order to disprove and overcome stigmas created by social and governmental institutions.

In other words, we want you to go out and meet people from all walks of life, talk to them, get to know them, and realize that we all can unite around our similarities. We have more similarities than differences, but also recognize and appreciate what makes everyone different. We are all human beings and as such we have the right to protect our bodies from violence and unhealthy situations, to choose our identity and mold our own reputation, and to build whatever future we desire. We have the right to be treated as a human with love and respect. Furthermore, we, as humans, have the responsibility ensure everyone in our community enjoys these fundamental freedoms.

Meet the Coordinators


Steve Caron

Coordinator, Human Rights


Rachel Pollard

Coordinator, Human Rights

Meet the Staff Leaders

These intrepid staff leaders will lead you during the week of FYSOP to various service sites across the Greater Boston area. Here are just three of many amazing FYSOP Staff Leaders. Read more profiles on our FYSOP Pinterest board.

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Hello HUwhat? HUrights!!! Your coordinators are Stephen Caron, a Junior studying Environmental Analysis and Policy in the College of Arts and Sciences who can often be found twerking to that funky music, and Rachel Pollard, a Junior Studying Occupational Therapy in Sargent, who often hangs out with veggies (eating, farming, and making puns about them). AND WE CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!!!

Steve Caron & Rachel Pollard

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