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Health is the state of fulfilled physical, mental, psychological, and social needs, allowing an individual to flourish. Instead of implying the absence of injury or disease, health indicates a wholeness and wellness of self. Public health is a movement for every person to achieve that state, ensuring the health of our communities. We seek to approach the issue from the angles of mental, sexual, and environmental health. We believe these approaches best empower us to foster a conversation about public health while also providing meaningful service that all people can connect with in our local community of Boston.

We believe mental health is an integral aspect of public health, yet is infrequently discussed. We seek to start a dialogue within our community to reduce and remove the stigma surrounding mental health and foster a healthy environment to discuss and address mental health issues.

In addition, sexual health is an important component of health, especially in the college environment. We seek to continue the destigmatization of sexual health and encourage open discussion of sex and healthy behavior.

Finally, we wish to tackle the issue of environmental health in our communities. The broadest category of health, environmental health refers to basic resource access such as to food, safe housing, adequate education, childcare, and many more. This issue is applicable both globally and locally, as every individual has basic subsistence needs that must be met.

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Elizabeth Binckes

Coordinator, Public Health Awareness


Tom Meeus

Coordinator, Public Health Awareness

Meet the Staff Leaders

These intrepid staff leaders will lead you during the week of FYSOP to various service sites across the Greater Boston area. Here are just three of many amazing FYSOP Staff Leaders. Read more profiles on our FYSOP Pinterest board.

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Hey PHA, welcome to FYSOP 25! Our names are Elizabeth Binckes and Tom Meeus and we are your Coordinators.

Elizabeth is a junior in Sargent College studying Occupational Therapy. She grew up on Long Island and loves spending time in Manhattan. Her favorite painting is Starry Night and favorite color is red. She loves boy bands, Disney channel and all things punny.

Untitled Tom is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Neuroscience. He hails from Antwerp, Belgium, although his family now lives in Seattle. He loves sun, a brisk morning, the smell of pine trees, and curling up with a good book.

We are here to answer any questions you may have throughout the summer before the wonderful week of FYSOP begins. To answer your first questions, what is Public Health? Public Health is a widely scoped issue area that aims to address matters of physiological, mental, and social health across local and global communities. Our objective is to tackle Public Health Awareness by addressing mental health, sexual health, and environmental health issues. Potential service opportunities include packaging and shipping medical supplies, working on farms, and providing support for those experiencing mental health issues. Ultimately, our goal is to start a discussion to destigmatize issues related to public health and bring them into the forefront of the conversation.

Elizabeth Binckes & Tom Meeus

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