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The elderly population: commonly overlooked and often neglected. How is that they are overlooked when 19 million United States adults over age 65 have some for of dementia and when the elderly community will comprise 20% of the US population by 2050? How is it that they are neglected when, of all the elder abuse cases, 90% of the abusers are the victim’s own family members? These elders have walked the road we have yet to, they have endured through the thick and thin, and they have ultimately paved the way for all of us. The least we can do is to give back to them in some, in any, way.

Our vision for the FYSOP25 Elders issue area is to “be bolder for the older.” We are calling on and challenging all the incoming students and staff to step up and be bold enough to:

Be bolder for the older. Being bolder can mean advocating for the elderly, but it can also mean something as simple as holding the door open for an elder. As rising contributors to today’s society, we have the ability right here and right now to effect change and dramatically improve the quality of life for our elders.

Meet the Coordinators


Taylor Delosh

Coordinator, Elders


Justin Hong

Coordinator, Elders

Meet the Staff Leaders

These intrepid staff leaders will lead you during the week of FYSOP to various service sites across the Greater Boston area. Here are just three of many amazing FYSOP Staff Leaders. Read more profiles on our FYSOP Pinterest board.

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Heeellooooooo seniors and senior-itas!! Our names are Taylor Delosh and Justin Hong, and we are the Elders Coordinators for this 25th year of the First-Year Student Outreach Project! We are ridiculously excited for FYSOP25 to come, and we are working hard to make sure that this milestone year is absolutely phenomenal for all of you!!

Taylor Delosh is a senior in Sargent College studying behavior and health. She grew up in Boston. In her spare time, she likes to play golf, go to the beach, and hang out with friends. You will also be likely to find her cheering on the Red Sox or Bruins at their games. Taylor’s favorite elder is her nana. She is so young at heart. Although she is 92, she does exercise every week, and even does zumba on occasion! Taylor’s favorite memories with her nana were on Sunday mornings growing up. They would go to church and then sit in Dunkin’ Donuts for hours. She’d get a cup of coffee, and Taylor would have a donut. They would spend quality time together talking about everything.


Justin Hong is a junior from Anaheim, California studying biomedical engineering. In his spare time, he loves to have jam sessions with other people (some stairwells have great acoustics), to lay out on the docks on the Charles River with a Jamba Juice smoothie in hand, and to go to the movies. One of his top elder moments was when he visited a site during FYSOP24. There was an elderly lady who had sass on sass, calling everyone hooligans, sneakily cheating at cards, and causing a hilarious ruckus. Her livelihood and joking attitude made everybody laugh, and she made the day a memorable one.


We cannot wait to see you all. FYSOP is a great time to learn about a huge range of contemporary issues that take place in both the Boston and the global community. As for the Elders issue area, we hope you come away from FYSOP with a greater understanding of the elderly community, whether it be about their struggles or about the wellbeing and positive contributions of the elderly population. In general, we hope you will have an amazing week making friends while serving the Boston community in an impactful, powerful way. If any of you have any questions or comments or even just want to say hi, we would love to meet and talk to you! Get your cheer on, FYSOP25!! See you soon!

Justin Hong & Taylor Delosh

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