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Our focus is to promote the acceptance and understanding of the different upbringings children experience. We want to increase awareness that everyone has a different background and a child’s upbringing sets the foundation for his or her life. Our goal through service is to provide stability and equal opportunities to all children so they have the necessary resources to grow into successful adults. We want volunteers to learn how to be positive role models and mentors to children everywhere. Every child deserves the opportunity just to be a child.

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Amy Horenstein

Coordinator, Children


Kate Schade

Coordinator, Children

Meet the Staff Leaders

These intrepid staff leaders will lead you during the week of FYSOP to various service sites across the Greater Boston area. Here are just three of many amazing FYSOP Staff Leaders. Read more profiles on our FYSOP Pinterest board.

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Rise and shine Children! Our names are Kate Schade and Amy Horenstein and we are your coordinators for the Children Issue Area for FYSOP25!

kateKate is a junior in the College of Communication and is originally from Sharon, Massachusetts. As a child, she would play imaginary-cooking in her miniature kitchen, act out childhood stories with friends, and force her little brother to play with her Barbies. Her favorite childhood TV show was The Big Comfy Couch, therefore she’s a big fan of the “10-second tidy.” She’s always loved babysitting and meeting kids and their families–as long as parents don’t mind her referring to their children as “nuggets.”

amyAmy is a junior in the School of Management and is originally from Simsbury, Connecticut. When she was little she loved playing with Barbies and doing arts and crafts but her favorite toy of all was her older sister! Her favorite childhood TV show was Bill Nye the Science Guy. She loves to cook (and especially bake) so if you need something yummy for snack-time you know who to ask!

As you can see from above, everyone has a different childhood! This summer we are going to explore how these differences affect us as we grow up. We are going to serve as role models and mentors for children who grew up on a military base or without a home. We’ll see children who grew up with a nanny and those who have a stay at home parent. We sort new clothes and birthday presents for children who’s families can’t afford to buy these things and we’ll help set up schools so these children learn in the best environment possible. Most importantly, we will be working to help give every child equal opportunities in life so they can enjoy just being a kid! So channel your inner child and get ready for the best week of your summer! We hope to see YOU at FYSOP25!

Amy Horenstein & Kate Schade

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