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Animals are a part of our global community, and they have a profound impact on our lives as humans. We rely heavily on animals from the food we eat, the products we use, to the pets that we love. This FYSOP, we’re going to reflect on our often-contradicting relationships with animals while working to improve the lives of animals in the Greater Boston Area. We are here to answer your questions, tell you (bad) jokes, and learn with you this summer. We are so incredibly excited, and we can’t wait to see you at FYSOP. The PAWsibilites are endless!

Our vision is to look at the complex and often contradicting relationships between humans and animals. Humans and animals are all part of a global ecosystem, yet it seems like we need animals more than they need us. In our world, some animals we welcome into our families and homes, while others we confine to cages and inhumanely slaughter. Although animal liberation is a broad topic, we have decided to explore animal advocacy through 4 lenses.

We are excited to educate ourselves on these issues as we incorporate them into our service, and will try to explore each lens through a genuine respect for life and an understanding that we too are animals.

Meet the Coordinators


Ali O’Hare

Coordinator, Animals


Zoe Roos

Coordinator, Animals

Meet the Staff Leaders

These intrepid staff leaders will lead you during the week of FYSOP to various service sites across the Greater Boston area. Here are just three of many amazing FYSOP Staff Leaders. Read more profiles on our FYSOP Pinterest board.

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Hello FYSOP family! We are Ali O’Hare and Zoe Roos, and we are your FYSOP 25 Animals coordinators. Untitled

Ali is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in psychology and minoring in Film & Television in the College of communications. She’s a passionate vegan who really just wants to bake a cake out of rainbows and sunshine and eat it and be happy. Around campus you can find her harmonizing in the sassy a cappella group Aural Fixation, and giving free hugs on the occasional Friday in Marsh Plaza. She looks forward to becoming a dog mom post graduation.

Zoe Roos will be a Boston University graduate in January 2015 with a major in Journalism from the College of Communication with a minor in French and a concentration in International Relations from the College of Arts& Sciences. When she’s not rowing on the Charles, she’s most likely asking strangers if she can pet their dogs, or daydreaming about puppies. After graduation, she plans to become a foreign reporter, but her ultimate dream is to hug an elephant.

Ali O’Hare & Zoe Roos

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