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CSC Storytelling

Storytelling is key in our attempts to understand and interact with each other and the world around us. The Community Service Center strives to be a space where students and members of the Boston community can come together and learn from one another. BU students can aid in that mission by joining our storytelling teams.

The goals of the CSC blog and “Ask and Tell,” our podcast, are:
  • To share the diverse voices of the CSC and the BU community and discuss social justice issues, both global and local, and how they pertain to us as students and citizens.
  • To create space where people can discuss issues and share stories in an authentic way.
  • To promote the sharing of diverse and dissenting opinions in a civil manner.
  • To promote CSC programs and events. 
  • To celebrate the BU community. 

Storytellers will be writing stories every few weeks to be posted on the blog. Each storyteller will be assigned to a CSC Program or event and will write stories involving that Program or event. Storytellers will keep in contact with Program Managers and other CSC individuals to coordinate and brainstorm stories.

The Storytelling team will try to meet once a week to brainstorm ideas, talk through things we are interested in at the moment, and work on our writing. 

Check out the blog here.


“Ask and Tell” is the Community Service Center’s short-form podcast that invites orators to share stories of their life while discussing social justice topics relevant to our university, surrounding neighborhoods, nation, and the world. Orators from the Boston community respond to open-ended prompts and answer a short series of questions about their response.

We hope to display the many voices within the Community Service Center and the BU Community. We strive to create a space where orators can discuss issues and share stories in an authentic way. Ultimately, we aim to promote the sharing of diverse and dissenting opinions that provoke open and respectful discussion. 

Listen to all available series of the podcast here.

Please email Kaelyn Tindall, Storytelling Program Manager at if you are interested in becoming a part of the Storytelling team.