Service Learning Courses Offered

Interested in taking a class that incorporates service learning? Here is a list we’ve compiled from various schools/colleges across BU!


1. CGS: HU 102 Breaks with Tradition: The Enlightenment to the Present in the College of General Studies, which will have a service-learning component.

2. SMG: OB221 The Dynamics of Leading Organizations: requires that all of the teams work together on a 3 hour service project as a means to reflect on their growth as a team at the end of the semester.

3. MET: SO501 Leadership through Service: This course explores theories of teamwork, leadership, and organizational behavior through a lens of New England’s history and culture. By studying the social and environmental challenges Bostonians have faced, students will gain a deeper understanding of how communities can solve issues facing the world today. Through service learning, students will work in teams and volunteer with non-profit organizations in the Boston area. By the end of the semester, students will have a deeper understanding of major social issues as well as the skills and experience to help solve them.


If you’ve taken a course at BU that involves service learning, let us know by emailing!