The Start of Summer

Service in the Summer
Just because the spring semester has winded down doesn’t mean the Community Service Center has put a pause on its work. In fact, 30 students stuck around over the summer to work as CSC summer staff, doing everything from coordinating food runs to planning Alternative Spring Breaks and the First Year Student Outreach Project. Take a look at what we’ve been doing to get ready for the next school year.


Alternative Spring Breaks

This year’s ASB program managers, Matt Sullivan and Katie Collins, have been getting a head start on planning next year’s alternative spring breaks. ASB promotes community service, develops leadership skills, and creates strong relationships among its volunteers. Last year ASB ha more than 300 volunteers and traveled to 39 locations across the country.

In addition to booking service sites across the country, Matt and Katie have made it one of their goals to make ASB more environmentally sustainable. Asking volunteers to bring their own Tupperware and grocery bags are a couple options they’re considering to reduce ASB’s footprint. Matt and Katie are also researching possible new trips. We heard they have their eyes on California, but keep your eyes peeled for updates.


Student Food Rescue
Student Food Rescue is the only CSC program that continues in full force over the summer. This year’s program managers, Krisandra Kneer and Nicole St. Louis, have been on call all day, every day to make sure that donations from bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores are picked up by our volunteers and dropped off recipient sites in the Greater Boston Area. SFR is running 27 weekly food runs over the summer and all CSC summer staff, as well as other BU students staying in Boston, have been doing runs on a weekly basis.


First-Year Student Outreach Project
This summer’s 22 FYSOP coordinators and two project managers have been working nonstop this summer in preparation for the more than 900 first-year students who will volunteer with FYSOP this fall. The FYSOP summer staff spent three weeks training with Orientation, learning the ins and outs of BU and getting ready to interact with first-years and their parents at Orientation sessions throughout the summer.


Since training ended, the FYSOP coordinators have been busy booking service sites, researching their issue areas, and calling accepted FYSOP volunteers. Needless to say, they’re super excited to be meeting first-year students and to meet their staff in August.