Register for Global Day of Service!

Not really sure what this whole Global Day of Service thing is about?

Check out this testimonial by our very own Jackie Johnson:

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“When I first saw the site list for Global Day of Service last March, I was convinced I was going to volunteer with Belle of the Ball and find someone the most elegant prom dress in the state of Massachusetts. Well at least that was what I thought until I saw that registration was closed for that site. I was bummed, but I decided to research a few of the other sites and see what they were all about.

I immediately fell in love with the Lowell Wish Project. It is a great day when someone is able to move from a shelter to a permanent home, however, many individuals find it extremely difficult to keep up with paying their rent in addition to furnishing their new house.

The Lowell Wish Project grants wishes by providing furniture, home, and baby goods for individuals and families in need to help keep them on their feet. It is an amazing organization and I was astounded at how so many people can be helped by so few staff members. My best friend and I had a rad time making new friends, sorting donated goods (who knew diapers had sizes?), and making Mother’s Day gifts.

I encourage everyone to volunteer here at some point while a student at BU; it’s a truly rewarding experience.”

Thanks Jackie for those inspiring words!

Register for Global Day of Service before registration closes on Sunday!!