Children’s Theatre Dress Rehearsal

This Thursday is a CSC favorite: The Children’s Theatre Dress Rehearsal!


Children’s Theatre is a program in which students brainstorm, write and produce skits for children at shelters, hospitals and community centers. Students, arranged in troupes, have been working hard all year on their plays. During the dress rehearsal put on for BU students, CT usually puts a fun spin on their plays adapting the plays for more mature audiences. Get ready to laugh and have a food time! Best part: It’s free!

…AND the Volunteer of the Week is…


Ky Krekel

Ky’s work as a Siblings Peer Leader this year has been extremely invaluable. She has done a great job of engaging her peer group. Her assistance during the Halloween Party this past Saturday was extremely helpful. After spending the day with her Sibling, Ky returned to the party to help with clean-up. As many of our volunteers had to leave, the clean-up was very short-staffed. Ky helped with extremely difficult tasks with a smile on her face. She went out into the rain and mud to clean up the pumpkin painting area. She then helped to carry supplies back to the CSC and even then stayed to clean off the dirty paintbrushes. Ky was so willing and happy to help when one of the PMs needed her. Ky is such a great asset to the Siblings Peer Leader team!

Congrats to Ky and all the other CSC Volunteers who makes us proud!