Children's Theatre Dress Rehearsal

by Katie Lannan

When the Thriller dance, peanut butter and Oreo sandwiches and fake southern accents combine on one stage, it can only mean one thing: Children’s Theatre volunteers started going to site this week, after kicking off the program with a dress rehearsal Tuesday evening. The group performed their five original, hilarious skits, giving fellow BU students a taste of the performances that will be on tour at various community centers, hospitals and afterschool programs throughout Boston.

Each play is written and acted entirely by CT volunteers and includes both a moral lesson and a choreographed dance number. The rehearsal’s lucky audience of around 30 students was first entertained by a reminder of the importance of teamwork, as presented by giant cardboard fish. In the second skit, a young boy learns the merits of responsibility after a magical diary lets him swap out his strict parents for a more laid-back pair. The third group stressed imagination in an intergalactic adventure with a French Man in the Moon, alien robots and the shooting star superstar MC Protozoa, while the fourth taught healthy eating habits with a trip to a broccoli forest to save the Dairy Queen. The show concluded with the fifth troupe proving that school really does have something fun for everyone – including jaded Dolly Parton impersonators.

At the end of the dress rehearsal, program manager Matt Donnelly (who had an impressive cameo as Kanye West in one of the skits) encouraged anyone interested in becoming involved in CT to join next semester, as the group is looking to expand in order to meet more need.

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