The following websites are for the current, or most recent offerings of CS courses.

101 Introduction to Computers
103 Introduction to Internet Technologies and Web Programming
105 Introduction to Databases and Data Mining
107 Computational Systems
108 Introduction to Applications Programming
109 The Art and Science of Quantitative Reasoning
111 Introduction to Computer Science I
112 Introduction to Computer Science II
131 Combinatoric Structures
132 Geometric Algorithms
210 Computer Systems
235 Algebraic Algorithms
237 Probability in Computing
320 Concepts of Programming Languages
330 Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms
332 Elements of Theory of Computation
350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems
410 Advanced Software Systems
411 Software Engineering
431 Algorithms for the Life Sciences
440/640 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
451/651 Distributed Systems
455/655 Computer Networks
460/660 Introduction to Database Systems
470/670 Performance Analysis
480/680 Introduction to Computer Graphics
511 Formal Methods for High-Assurance Software Engineering
512 Formal Methods for High-Assurance Computing System Design and Analysis
520 Programming Languages
525 Compiler Design Theory
530 Analysis of Algorithms
532 Computational Geometry
535 Complexity Theory
537 Probability in Computing
538 Fundamentals of Cryptography
539 Methods of Scientific Computing
542 Machine Learning
548 Advanced Cryptography
549 Pattern Matching and Detection with Applications in Biological Sequence Analysis
552 Introduction to Operating Systems
553 Operating Systems II
556 Advanced Computer Networks
558 Computer Network Security
559 Algorithmic Aspects of Computer Networks
562 Advanced Database Applications
565 Data Mining
580 Advanced Computer Graphics
585 Image and Video Computing
591 O1 Iterative Methods in Graph Algorithms and Network Analysis
591 S1 Computational Audio
591 T1 Tools and Techniques for Data Mining and Applications
697 Graduate Initiation Seminar