Minoring in Computer Science


The six-course CS minor has the following requirements:

  • 2 CS background courses (those offered by the CAS CS department whose description says “background course for the CS concentration”). Currently, this means any two of CAS CS 111, 131, 112, 132, 210, 235, 237.
  • 3 CS courses numbered CAS CS 300 or above. (Note that many 400- and 500-level CS courses have fewer prerequisites than 300-level CS courses and are thus better suited for minors.)
  • 1 more CAS CS course except CS 101. With prior approval, a course in another department may be substituted.

After you declare a CS minor (code 0701), be sure to sign up for our cs-ugrads mailing list. You may also sign up for cs-jobs, cs-internships, and cs-contests lists if you wish to receive job-related announcements (see CS Connections for details). Finally, consider signing up for colloq-l list if you are interested in the advanced topics presented at the department’s colloquium.

Note that many CS courses have prerequisites and most are not offered every semester, so plan your schedule carefully. If you do not have a CS advisor listed (to find out, go to Student Link, click on “Academics” and then on “Academic Advising”), and wish to speak to one, contact Professor Wayne Snyder, Director of Undergraduate Studies. This form, which summarizes the minor requirements, may be helpful in your advising meeting.

See here for resources of interest to CS minors, including student organizations and career resources.