Students who are interested in computer vision usually take a number of elective courses offered both within our department, and offered elsewhere within BU. Here’s a list of elective courses that CV students have taken in the past:

Elective courses in CS

Related elective courses in other departments/colleges at BU

  • GRS GE 640 Digital Image Processing in Remote Sensing
  • ENG SC 505 Stochastic Processes
  • ENG SC 520 Digital Image Processing and Communication
  • ENG SC 717 Image Reconstruction and Restoration
  • ENG SC 719 Statistical Pattern Recognition
  • ENG SC 720 Digital Video Processing
  • CAS CN 510 Principles & Methods of Cognitive and Neural Modeling I
  • CAS CN 520 Principles & Methods of Cognitive and Neural Modeling II
  • CAS CN 530 Neural and Computational Models of Vision

Other available resources at BU

There is an active Image & Visual Computing group in the department, which meets weekly. Interested undergraduate students are welcome to attend.