Students who are interested in computer graphics usually take a number of elective courses offered both within our department, and offered elsewhere within BU. Here’s a list of elective courses that CG students have taken in the past:

Elective courses in CS

  • CS 480 Intro to Computer Graphics
  • CS 580 Advanced Computer Graphics
  • CS 585 Image and Video Computing
  • CS 440 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 542 Machine Learning
  • CS 499 Directed study
  • CS 401 & 402 Senior Independent Work

Related elective courses in other departments

  • CFA AR 515 Digital Photo
  • CFA AR 573 3D Design and Animation
  • CFA AR 576 Motion Graphics
  • CFA AR 581 Web Design
  • CFA AR 587 Information Design
  • CAS MA 561 Methods of Applied Mathematics I
  • CAS MA 562 Methods of Applied Mathematics II
  • CAS CN 510 Principles and Methods of Cognitive and Neural Modeling I
  • CAS CN 520 Principles and Methods of Cognitive and Neural Modeling II
  • ENG EC 505 Stochastic Processes
  • ENG EC 520 Digital Image Processing and Communication
  • ENG EC 527 High Performance Programming with Multicore GPUs

Other available resources at BU

There are a number of students who are interested in computer graphics, gaming, and animation in the Student ACM BUILDS hacker space.

Certificate programs are available through the Center for Digital Imaging Arts, located in Waltham, MA (a suburb of Boston).