TCL Undergraduate Scholarships

Transition Consulting Limited (TCL) will offer three scholarships, each lasting one year at $2,600 per student. The primary goal of this scholarship program is to promote awareness of TCL and modern software testing methods.

The scholarships will be offered to any student with a major in Computer Science who will be enrolled for the forthcoming academic year. The scholarships will be awarded following submission of an essay (no more than 800 words) on one of the following subjects

  1. What is the future of software testing?
  2. How does static testing improve development projects?
  3. When is a product ready to go live?

and also following a review of that student’s transcript.

In addition to the scholarship money, winners will be offered the opportunity of taking a summer internship with TCL, although winners are not obliged to take an internship.

The deadline for submitting 800-word essays and transcripts is October 15, 2007. These materials should be transmitted via email to

Jonathan Wright

A pamphlet with more information about this opportunity is available here.

A TCL press release announcing the scholarships is available here.