The six-course CS minor has the following requirements:

  • 2 required courses: CS 111: Intro to CS I and CS 112: Intro to CS II. 
  • One of the following:
    • CS 131: Combinatoric Structures
    • CS 132: Geometric Algorithms
    • CS 235: Algebraic Algorithms
    • CS 237: Probability in Computing
  • Two of the following:
    • CS 210: Computer Systems or any courses level 300 and above
  • One additional course within the department except for CS 101.

Advising and Course Planning

As a CS minor, you will be assigned Professor Dora Erdos as an advisor who will help you each semester to choose your classes as well as provide career advice

Advising Materials

Undergraduate first year students starting in Fall 2018 (and transfer students starting in Fall 2020) will be completing the BU Hub general education requirements in addition the CS minor coursework. Undergraduate students starting before Fall 2018 will continue with their college specific general education paradigm.

For students completing the BU Hub: use this Plan of Study worksheet as a guide when preparing for advising appointments or registration.

For students with College Specific General Education requirements: This advising sheet for CS minors lists all pertinent requirements; fill it out before the advising meeting. 

CS Courses

Note that many CS courses have prerequisites and most are not offered every semester, so plan your schedule carefully.

Click here for CS Special Topics Courses (CS 591) descriptions.

Course Waitlists

Please visit our Student Resources page on waitlists to learn more and to sign up for one.

CS Minor Tracks

Below are several un-official tracks designed to aid you in tailoring the CS Minor to your specific interest/major. Note: none of these need to be followed exactly, and if you decide to pursue a track, it will not show up on your transcript. Additionally, some tracks include classes that will need prerequisites from other departments (ex. in the Neuroscience Track, NE 340 has MA 123/124 and NE 204 as prerequisites).

Expand each of the following to read more about how the CS Minor can complement your academic plans.

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After you declare a CS minor (code 0701), be sure to sign up for our cs-ugrads mailing list. You may also sign up for cs-jobs, cs-internships, and cs-contests lists if you wish to receive job-related announcements.

See here for resources of interest to CS minors, including student organizations and career resources.