Please review the solicitation/call for the agency deadline. This is key in assuring your proposal gets a complete and substantial review with no errors. As a PI, you are responsible for this key piece of information and getting the approval on time.

Proposals that are routed (prepared and signed off) from Computer Science go through 3 levels of approval before final submission. Each level needs to receive the required documents a certain number of business days prior to the hard deadline.

  • Departmental (14 business days, prior to hard deadline, 20 business days if military agency or similar proposals)
  • College of Arts and Science (10 business days)
  • Office of Sponsored Programs ( 5 business days)

  1. Department (14 days prior, 20 if DoD):
    1. Solicitation & Due Date
    2. Budget requirements
    3. Proposal type (collaboration, sub award, Prime award, etc…)
  2. CAS (10 days prior) :
    1. Proposal Summary Form signed by Key Personnel, involved and affiliated Departments,
    2. final budget & justification,
    3. Abstract/project summary
  3. Office of Sponsored Programs (5 days prior, then final science due 3 days prior):
    • By 5 days deadline:
      1. Final Budget,
      2. Biographical sketches,
      3. Current and Pending,
      4. Facilities,
      5. Draft Narrative or Abstract
    • By 3 day deadline:
      1. All final Science( Narrative, Abstract, Specific Aims, Milestones, etc.)

*This does not include fringe or F&A

For AY16-17 and Summer 2017, RA graduate salary is $10,750 per semester.

For AY17-18 and Summer 2018, RA graduate salary is $11,000 per semester.

*Please confirm your potential RA completes the requirements for payment.

As of 6/5/17, professional salary (Faculty and Postdocs) fringe rates are 24.7% on Federal proposals and 26.6% on non-Federal proposals. 

Graduate Fringe rates are 8.8% on all grant proposals.

F&A (Indirect) Cost Rates

F&A (Indirect) Cost Rates 07/01/2016 – 06/30/2018 07/01/2018 – 6/30/2019
Research/On-campus 64.5% MTDC 65.0% MTDC
Other Sponsored Awards 38.0% MTDC 39.0% MTDC
All programs/Off-campus 26.0% MTDC 26.0% MTDC


MTDC = Modified Total Direct Cost

For more information, please see the see OSP F&A.

Any questions on grant or proposal related requests, email Cristhel Santillan at