Meeting Room and Equipment Reservations

Room Reservations will be made online through 25Live. Everyone will have the ability to view which spaces are available, but to reserve a room through 25Live requires training.

To request a room reservation click here.

You can also email or with room reservation requests or questions!

MCS 148

MCS 148 now has Echo360 lecture capture. Instructors and students can easily record classroom lectures, meetings, speeches, and other events with the Echo360 system. You can record any combination of audio, video, and what is on your computer screen and easily publish your recordings to the Web with Echo360’s automated features. To utilize the Echo60 system please email to schedule your recording.


Room B08 has recently been upgraded with a large screen video teleconferencing system. In fact, it’s basically just a Windows machine with a big screen on the wall, a webcam, and a wireless keyboard/mouse. Skype and Chrome (for Google Hangouts) are installed and available to all users.

You should be able to log in using your username and password, launch the video chat application of your choice, log in with your personal account, and then use it just like you would your own laptop.

Note that there is a microphone near the center of the table. It seems to work best for those sitting within a few chairs of it; people at the far ends of the table may need to speak up in order to be heard by remote participants.

You can of course also use the system to display presentation slides or other documents, give live demos to other people in the room, etc.

To request a room or equipment reservation click here.