Terminal assistants are student employees of the CS Department. Terminal assistants can be found at the open computer lab at 730 Commonwealth Avenue, room 302. Below is a list of responsibilities they hold.

  • Their primary responsibility is to ensure the good working order of the undergraduate lab.
  • Provide help with the lab hardware and software.
  • Assist with account creation.
  • Perform first tier system administrative help.
  • Provide basic help with homework assignments.

Important Note

Terminal assistants are not tutors or teaching fellows. They provide only basic help with regards to homework assignments (ie: pointing out missing semi-colons in C++ programs). They are not allowed to provide in-depth help with assignments (ie: help you answer questions to a homework assignment). This is to ensure consistent information with homework assignments. For more in-depth help with homework assignments, please contact your professor, teaching fellow, or the tutor on-duty.