The Computer Science department has a three-member systems support group dedicated to maintaining the computing resources of the CS department.


Group Manager.
Project management; Linux systems administration.
Linux systems administration; Mac infrastructure; Special projects.
Windows systems administration; Mac desktop support; Undergraduate and teaching lab management.
  • All Linux-related support requests
  • General login nodes: csa2 and csa3
  • High-performance research compute nodes
  • Core infrastructure services: e-mail, web and database services, fileservers, print services
  • LDAP administration, user accounts, authentication issues
  • Networking issues, hostname/IP requests, wireless network
  • Mac OS X installation and core infrastructure support issues
  • Undergraduate and teaching labs at 730 Comm Ave
  • All Windows-related support requests
  • All Mac desktop and application support requests
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • MSDNAA administrator
This page was last modified 5 November 2009.