The Department of Computer Science has a wide range of computing resources and laboratories available to support its educational and research missions. In addition to over 300 state-of-the-art computing workstations, the department has a number of high-end shared-memory multiprocessor compute servers, firewalls, and file servers, with over 130 Terabytes of disk space. Students access this infrastructure through a number of laboratories, including a 60-seat undergraduate laboratory, a 25-seat online teaching classroom, a 50-seat graduate research laboratory, and multiple specialized research labs for individual research groups.

The Undergraduate Lab website gives a complete description of the undergraduate computer labs, services, and lab hours.

In addition to the undergraduate lab and general purpose research laboratories, students involved in specific research projects or courses have access to other dedicated facilities, including the Image & Video Lab, the Networking QoS Lab, the Internet Lab, and the Database Lab. The department’s research labs are funded in great part through industrial grants, faculty research grants, and a $1.2M National Science Foundation Research Infrastructure grant.