A Rising Star

terzi-thumbEvimaria Terzi

Assistant Professor Evimaria Terzi is a rising star in the Computer Science Department at CAS. She and Professor Azer Bestavros were recently selected to receive a Google Faculty Research Award in support of their research on “Generalized Centrality Measures with Applications to Information Networks.” In this work, Evimaria and Azer, along with doctoral students Dora Erdos and Vatche Ishakian, are developing new techniques for measuring the importance of small groups within a larger network. In particular, their work is analyzing ways to measure importance of groups in flow and access networks.

Evimaria was recently named a Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering at Boston University Junior Faculty Fellow for 2012 and has also been awarded a Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship grant for $200,000. Her interests include the use of algorithms to extract useful data from large sets of information. Her research interests are in the area of algorithmic data mining with emphasis on social-network analysis, analysis of sequential data, ranking, clustering and bioinformatics. She joined BU’s Computer Science Department in September 2009. Before coming to Boston, she was a research staff member at IBM’s Almaden Research Center and a post-doctoral researcher at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology. Evimaria’s education includes a BS degree from yhe Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), an MS degree from Purdue University, and a PhD degree from University of Helsinki (Finland), all in computer science.