• Jonathan AppavooJonathan AppavooAssociate ProfessorPhD, U TorontoOperating Systems, Parallel Architecture and Software, Cloud Computing, and Exploratory Hybrid Systems
  • Abbas AttarwalaAbbas AttarwalaLecturerMS, Georgia Tech
    MS, U Toronto
    MS, U Waterloo
    Human Computer Interaction and Computer Systems
  • Gary BensonGary BensonAssociate ProfessorPhD, U MarylandPattern Matching and Pattern Detection Algorithms with Applications in Biological Sequence Analysis
  • Azer BestavrosAzer BestavrosWilliam Fairfield Warren Distinguished ProfessorPhD, Harvard UNetworking; Distributed/Cloud Computing; Safety Certification of Systems and Networks
  • Margrit BetkeMargrit BetkeProfessorPhD, MIT Computer Vision, Human Computer Interfaces, and Object Recognition
  • John ByersJohn ByersProfessorPhD, UC BerkeleyData Science, Computer Networking, Internet Platforms
  • Ran CanettiRan CanettiProfessorPhD, Weizmann InstituteCryptography and Information Security
  • Crovella 12/2013Mark CrovellaProfessor & Chair PhD, U RochesterNetworking, Internet Characterization, and Performance Evaluation
  • Chin 12/2013Sang (Peter) ChinResearch ProfessorPhD, MITDifferential Geometry, General Relativity, String Theory, Game Theory, Quantum Computing, Compressive Sensing, Deep Learning
  • FACHEADPerry DonhamLecturerMS, Boston U Courses: Introduction to Computing, Software Engineering
  • FACHEADShereif El-SheikhLecturerEd.D., Harvard University Courses: Introduction to Computing, Software Engineering
  • alina eneAlina EneAssistant ProfessorPhD U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Optimization, Theoretical Machine Learning, Submodularity
  • Dora ErdosDora ErdosLecturer & Undergraduate Program DirectorPhD, Boston University Algorithms, data mining, and combinatorial optimization
  • Peter GacsPeter GacsProfessorPhD, Frankfurt UCellular Automata, Fault-Tolerant Computing, and Algorithmic Information Theory
  • Sharon GoldbergSharon GoldbergAssociate ProfessorPhD, Princeton UNetwork Security, Cryptography, Game-Theory, and Networking
  • Steve HomerSteve HomerProfessorPhD, MITComplexity theory, Learning theory, Parallel and Probabilistic Algorithms
  • Assaf KfouryAssaf KfouryProfessorPhD, MITProgramming Languages and Type Theory
  • George KolliosGeorge KolliosProfessorPhD, Polytechnic UDatabase Systems, Indexing for Non-textual Information, and Data Mining
  • Andrei LapetsAndrei LapetsAdjunct Assistant ProfessorPhD, Boston UniversityFormal Methods and Programming
    Languages, Cybersecurity, and Software Engineering
  • Leonid LevinLeonid LevinProfessorPhD, Moscow U and MITTheory of Computation
  • Abraham MattaAbraham MattaProfessorPhD, U Maryland, College ParkNetworking, Performance Evaluation, and QoS Management
  • Lorenzo Orecchia 3200x4800Lorenzo Orecchia Assistant ProfessorPhD, UC BerkeleyAlgorthims, Machine Learning, Computational Biology
  • Leonid ReyzinLeonid ReyzinProfessorPhD, MITSecurity, Cryptography, and Theory of Computation
  • kate saenkoKate SaenkoAssistant Professor PhD, MITAdaptive Intelligent Human-Computer Interface, Machine Learning Applications to image and language understanding
  • Stan SclaroffStan SclaroffAssociate Dean PhD, MITComputer Vision, Computer Graphics, and Pattern Recognition
  • Wayne SnyderWayne SnyderAssociate ProfessorPhD, U PennsylvaniaAutomated Theorem Proving, Unification, and Rewriting Systems
  • Aaron StevensSenior LecturerMS, Boston UMS, Boston CollegeCourses: Introduction to Application Programming, Introduction to Computer Science I
  • David SullivanDavid SullivanSenior LecturerPhD, Harvard UCourses: Introduction to Computer Science I, Introduction to Databases and Data Mining
  • Evimaria TerziEvimaria TerziAssociate ProfessorPhD, U HelsinkiData Mining, Social Networks, Sequence Analysis
  • Nikos TriandopoulosAdjunct Assistant ProfessorPhD, Brown USecurity, Cryptography, and Algorithms
  • Babis 3Charalampos (Babis) TsourakakisAssistant ProfessorPhD, Carnegie Mellon UniversityData Driven Algorithms and Applications,Big Data Analytics
  • Richard WestRichard WestProfessorPhD, Georgia TechOperating Systems, Real-Time Systems, and QoS Management
  • Susan WorstLecturerMS, Northeastern UCourse: Introduction to Internet Technologies and Web Programming
  • Hongwei XiHongwei XiAssociate ProfessorPhD, CMUCompilers, Software Systems, and Programming Languages

Affiliated Faculty

  • Manuel EgeleManuel EgeleAssistant Professor, ENG – Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhD, Vienna University of TechnologySoftware & Systems Security, Web Security
  • Lei GuoLei GuoAssistant Professor of Emerging Media, COM – College of CommunicationPhD, U. Texas at AustinMedia effects, political communication, social media and democracy
  • Orran KriegerOrran KriegerProfessor of the Practice, ENG – Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhD, U TorontoSystems
  • Brian KulisBrian KulisAssistant Professor, ENG – Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhD, UT AustinMachine Learning and Vision
  • Wenchao LiWenchao LiAssistant Professor, ENG – Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhD, UC BerkeleyDependable computing; Formal methods; Design automation; Cyber-physical systems
  • Venkatesh SaligramaVenkatesh SaligramaProfessor, ENG – Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhD, MITMachine Learning and Vision
  • David StarobinskiDavid StarobinskiProfessor, ENG – Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhD, Technion – Israel Institute of TechnologyWireless Networking, Network Economics, and Cybersecurity
  • Ari TrachtenbergAri TrachtenbergProfessor, ENG – Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignCybersecurity, Networks, Algorithms, and Error-Correcting Codes
  • Georgios ZervasGeorgios ZervasAssistant Professor of Marketing, Questrom School of BusinessPhD, Boston UniversityMarketing, Computer Science, and Economics