2016 Award

2016 CS Distinguished Alumnus:
Eswar Priyadarshan (CAS ’87 GRS ‘87)

  Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.35.58 AMEswar Priyadarshan is the CEO and co-founder  of Tasteful Inc., operating and managing an application designed to make it easier for people  to eat healthier. Tasteful Inc. was launched in  August 2014, and before then Eswar spent time as a Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems, co-founded  Quattro Wireless, and served as a Senior Director at Apple where he oversaw iAd, iTunes Radio, and Apple TV. Eswar graduated  from Boston University in 1987 with both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Computer Science. In addition to his extensive computer science resume, Eswar also holds two patents in his name and serves on the board of Possible, a healthcare company treating patients in rural Nepal.

Eswar Priyadarshan received the BU Computer Science Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus Award on May 15, 2016.