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2011-12-03 Profs. Evimaria Terzi and Azer Bestavros receive Google award to support networks research.

2011-11-10 BU Today feature story: John Byers and colleagues detect privacy breach at Yelp.

2011-11-09 BUILDS student team makes it to Cybersecurity competition finals.

2011-11-04 John Byers interviewed on Bloomberg News regarding Groupon’s potential impact on merchants.

2011-11-02 Michael Mitzenmacher, Giorgos Zervas, and John Byers identify a large-scale privacy vulnerability at

2011-10-05 BU Today features story on CS research of John Byers, Georgios Zervas, and Michael Mitzenmacher

2011-10-02 John Byers quoted in NY Times article on deal sites like Groupon and their impact on merchants.

2011-09-23 Azer Bestavros quoted on importance of philanthropic support for computational research in BU Today.

2011-09-12 Groupon impact on Yelp reputation: Research of John Byers, Georgios Zervas, and Michael Mitzenmacher picked up on MIT Tech Review blog, Twitter, and various news outlets.

2011-08-26 ECE/CS team lands $600K ARO grant on cyber-situation awareness based on traffic anomaly detection

2011-08-24 Mark Crovella wins NSF grant for research on communication strategies for ad hoc networks

2011-08-23 Rich West receives NSF grant to support his research on “Quest: A Real-Time Operating System for Multicore Processors”

2011-07-27 BU Today features story on the Artemis computer science camp for high school girls

2011-07-11 Sam Epstein receives a Solomonoff Student Prize at AGI conference

2011-06-03 Shabbir Dahod (CAS’85) receives the 2011 BU/CS Distinguished Alumni Award

2011-06-02 BU Today story: Graduate students Chris Kwan and John Magee, with their advisor, Margrit Betke, discuss and demonstrate software that adapts for users with severe motion impairments.

2011-05-22 Congratulations Class of 2011!

2011-05-01 Research of Computer Science Students Recognized with Science Day Awards

2011-04-11 Leo Reyzin wins the Neu Family Award for Excellence in Teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences

2011-04-01 Mark Crovella interview on Smartphone security research project featured in BU Today

2011-04-01 Pictures from the 11th BU/CS IAP Research Open House, held April 1, 2011

2011-03-21 Adverplex joins BU/CS Industrial Affiliates Program

c2011-03-17 BU/CS IAP Research Open House to be held on April 1, 2011

2011-03-16 BUCS 2011 Distinguished Lecture on “Learning Feature Hierarchies for Vision” by Yann LeCun of the Courant Institute at NYU

2011-01-20 Department research successes and culture highlighted in CAS News

2011-01-18 BUCAN Newsletter for Winter 2011

2011-01-11 Mark Crovella’s work on statistical modeling of networks to detect bot-nets featured in BU Today


2010-12-06 Mark Crovella becomes ACM Fellow

2010-12-05 Computer Science GAANN Doctoral Fellowship Opportunities

2010-12-02 Trustee Bahaa Hariri Pledges $15M for New Computing Institute

2010-11-03 Mark Crovella’s work on statistical modeling of networks to detect bot-nets featured in BU Research Magazine

2010-11-02 CS grad students and faculty quoted in Daily Free Press article on securing Cloud Computing

2010-10-31 Azer Bestavros quoted by San Jose Mercury News on China’s recently-announced world’s fastest supercomputer

2010-10-29 Azer Bestavros quoted by Discover Magazine on China’s recently-announced world’s fastest supercomputer

2010-10-28 Azer Bestavros quoted by Forbes on China’s recently-announced world’s fastest supercomputer

2010-10-27 Chris Kwan awarded 2nd place at BU Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

2010-09-17 Margrit Betke is part of team awarded $7.5M ONR MURI grant to develop unmanned aircraft inspired by the flight mechanics and flight behavior of bats, birds and insects.

2010-09-08 Bestavros, Appavoo, Reyzin, Triandopoulos and colleagues at Brown and UCI win $3M NSF grant for research on Trustworthy Interactions in the Cloud

2010-08-27 John Byers is part of team that receives a $7.1M NSF Award for research on Security and Trust in Future Internet Architectures

2010-08-24 Stan Sclaroff is part of team that receives a $10M NSF Expeditions Award for research on Computational Behavioral Science

2010-08-18 Jonathan Appavoo is part of team that receives $2.3M DOE grant for research on extreme-scale execution environments.

2010-08-12 Evimaria Terzi receives NSF grant for research on privacy control for collaborative social media

2010-08-10 Hongwei Xi receives $450K NSF grant to support research in programming languages

2010-07-21 Sharon Goldberg receives $489K NSF grant to support research in network security

2010-07-19 Bostonia Magazine cover story features Evimaria Terzi’s research on privacy in social media

2010-07-15 Mark Crovella receives $450K NSF grant to support networks research: “New Directions in Network Dimensionality Reduction for Routing and Beyond


2010-07-07 CS/ECE/MET team lands $3M NSF grant for “Securing the Open Softphone” research project

2010-06-25 Hany Morcos, Azer Bestavros, and Ibrahim Matta win Best-Paper Award at the 9th IEEE Med-Hoc-Net Workshop

2010-06-25 Sharon Goldberg receives $93K gift from Cisco for research on “Partial Deployments of Secure Interdomain Routing Protocols.”

2010-05-16 Matthew Boggie receives the 2010 BU/CS Distinguished Alumni Award

2010-05-16 BU/CS 2010 Convocation Address by Matt Boggie (CAS’99)

2010-05-16 Congratulations Class of 2010!

2010-04-21 Ibrahim Matta receives NSF grant to develop a redesigned Internet Architecture.

2010-04-16 Leonid Levin receives Humboldt Research Award

2010-03-31 Raymond Sweha wins BU Science Day Prize for work on cloud-assisted content distribution

2010-03-31 Vatche Ishakian wins BU Science Day Prize for his work on safe colocation of periodic real-time systems

2010-03-12 BUCAN Newsletter for Spring 2010

2010-02-24 BUILDS ACM Student Group Featured on BU Today

2010-02-23 CS Distinguished Lecture, Feb 24 at 3pm: Charles Bennett, “Computation and Cryptography in the presence of Closed Timelike Curves”

2010-02-19 BU CS Research Open House to be held on March 19.

2010-01-22 Student ACM inagurates BUILDS: Open House, Jan 27 at 6pm.


2009-12-15 Azer Bestavros receives the 2010 United Methodist Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award

2009-11-17 Four BU CS Undergrads awarded TCL Scholarships.

2009-11-09 Panel Discussion: Cyber-Terrorism/Warfare, Nov 19 at 7pm.

2009-10-19 CS Open House, Wed Oct 21 at 6pm

2009-09-15 BUCAN Newsletter for Fall 2009

2009-08-27 John Byers and his coauthors won the ACM SIGCOMM “Test of Time” paper award for paper “A Digital Fountain Approach to Reliable Distribution of Bulk Data”, by John Byers, Michael Luby, Michael Mitzenmacher, and Ashutosh Rege, Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM 1998.

2009-05-19 Congratulations Class of 2009!

2009-05-01 CS Alumnus, J Allard (CAS’91) to receive BU Honorary Doctorate.

2009-04-28 Azer Bestavros comments on Twitter on Fox TV 25.

2009-04-27 Azer Bestavros interviewed in Reuters story about Craigslist.

2009-04-21 2009 CS Distingished Lecture on May 4th by Joan Feigenbaum on Approximate Privacy.

2009-04-16 Margrit Betke’s Camera Mouse expands access to the digital world.

2009-03-30 CS open houses for prospective students in April, Fridays 2:30-5pm.

2009-03-11 CS undergraduate students form a local chapter of the Student ACM.

2009-03-04 Computer Science tenure-track faculty openings.

2009-03-03 BU Computer Science Research Open House to be held on March 20.

2009-02-24 Azer Bestavros comments on Facebook revolt in BU Today.

2009-01-15 Azer Bestavros comments on recording industry’s new tactic to stop downloads in BU Today.


2008-12-15 Three CS undergrads awarded TCL scholarships.

2008-12-12 Annual CS Holiday Party

2008-11-18 Mark Crovella comments on internet “bandwidth hogs” on Fox News Boston.

2008-11-10 Azer Bestavros comments on the potential uses of QR Codes and cellphones on Fox News Boston.

2008-10-24 BUCAN Newsletter for Fall 2008

2008-10-06 Transition Consulting, Ltd. announces 2008 scholarships program for BU CS majors.

2008-09-26 Discovery Channel reports on American Sign Language IVC research by Sclaroff and Neidle.

2008-09-02 Leo Reyzin weighs in on the T’s CharlieCard Security Breach in the Daily Free Press

2008-05-30 Rebecca Norlander Wins First BU CS Distinguished Alumni Award

2008-05-28 Daniel Spielman and Shang-Hua Teng win ACM Gödel Prize for their work on Smoothed Analysis of Algorithms

2008-05-27 CNN and major media outlets report on ASL video tool being developed by Sclaroff, Neidle, and Athitsos.

2008-05-18 Pictures from the CS Convocation of the Class of 2008!

2008-05-16 Hany Morcos, George Atia, Azer Bestavros and Abraham Matta win a Best Paper prize at the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Networks (DCOSS ’08), for paper entitled “An Information Theoretic Framework for Field Monitoring Using Autonomously Mobile Sensors.”

2008-05-12 Computing Alumni Network Newsletter for Spring 2008

2008-05-12 BUCAN Newsletter for Spring 2008

2008-05-07 Azer Bestavros and Leo Reyzin featured in BU Today article on the inherent flaws of the RIAA’s tactics

2008-04-29 Margrit Betke’s collaborative research on “Embattled Bats” highlighted in the journal Nature

2008-04-03 Michael Ocean and Azer Bestavros win Best Paper Award at ACM Conf. on Wireless Network Security for their paper entitled “Wireless and Physical Security via Embedded Sensor Networks.”

2008-03-31 Quan Yuan wins BU Science Day CISE Award, for his work with Stan Sclaroff on “Multiplicative Kernels: Object Detection, Segmentation and Pose Estimation”

2008-03-19 BU/CS IAP Research Open House held on March 19th!

2008-02-29 BU Today features video on American Sign Language research by Stan Sclaroff and collaborators

2008-02-28 Azer Bestavros interview in BU Today: “It is impossible to police the whole internet.”

2008-02-21 IAP Research Open House to be held on March 19, 2008

2008-01-22 CS-enabled research on counting Brazilian free-tail bats highlighted in BU Today

2008-01-14 New $900K NSF grant on video-based search of American Sign Language dictionaries


2007-12-21 Computing Alumni Network Newsletter for Winter 2007

2007-12-20 BUCAN Newsletter for Fall 2007

2007-12-12 BUCS 2007 Holiday Party Held at the Castle!

2007-11-30 Department launches CS Connections program for career and internship opportunities

2007-09-25 Leo Reyzin comments on the TJX security breach on WCVB Channel 5 TV.

2007-09-17 Stan Sclaroff underscores CS Department’s role in the University

2007-09-07 Transition Consulting, Ltd. offers scholarships for BU CS majors

2007-07-02 Mark Crovella is elected as Chair of ACM SIGCOMM

2007-06-14 BU Today features Ibrahim Matta’s notes on Urban Mesh Networks

2007-04-27 Leonid Levin’s reinforcement of Godel’s Theorem highlighted in Logique et Calcul French Magazine

2007-04-15 Department hosts the NSF/CISE Computing Research Infrastructure PI Meeting for 2007

2007-04-14 Computer Science at BU ranked #7 on Faculty Scholarship by Chronicle of Higher Education

2007-04-12 Shanghua Teng to Chair Prestigious ACM-SIAM SODA’08 Symposium on Discrete Algorithms

2007-04-01 Ibrahim Matta elevated to senior member of the ACM

2007-03-09 BU/CS IAP Research Open House held on March 28th!

2007-03-08 Department awards Jingbin Wang its 2006/07 Research Achievement Award

2007-02-14 Azer Bestavros’ leadership of IEEE TCI featured on BU Today

2007-02-05 Leo Reyzin speaks to NECN on security breach at TJX.

2007-01-09 Open Faculty Positions: Applications Invited!

2007-01-05 Fixed-Term Instructor Positions Available

2007-01-01 Azer Bestavros is elected as Chair of the IEEE-CS Technical Committee on the Internet


2006-12-04 CS Alumnus J Allard (CAS’91) featured on cover of Business Week

2006-10-31 New Math/CS divisional studies course on databases, data mining, and data analysis!

2006-09-20 Leo Reyzin featured in CAS Magazine on “Safety in Numbers”

2006-09-11 Featured UROP Research by MJ Tavantzis on Augmented Reality Systems

2006-09-01 Ibrahim Matta elevated to senior member of the IEEE

2006-08-15 Rich West awarded tenure and promotion

2006-08-03 The BBC reports on work by Margrit Betke and Maria Shugrina with collaborators in the UK

2006-05-14 Congratulations Class of 2006!

2006-05-12 Polly Pook of iRobot to speak at CS Convocation Ceremonies for the Class of 2006.

2006-05-10 George Kollios awarded tenure and promotion

2006-05-06 Brian Patton, Michael Perry, Brian Sadler, and Benjamin Waber elected to Phi Beta Kappa for their academic achievements

2006-04-12 Rich West and his student Gabe Parmer secure Best Paper Award at IEEE RTAS’06

2006-04-10 BU Symposium on Information Security and Privacy marks inaugural of RISCS Center

2006-03-17 Leo Reyzin’s research recognized by a NSF CAREER award profiled in BU Today

2006-03-13 Department holds its 2006 IAP Research Open House

2006-03-13 New CS course examines value of online social networks

2006-02-21 Department holds its 2006 Career Day with participation from new IAP member companies

2006-02-02 Leo Reyzin talks about identity theft in BU Today


2005-12-21 Leo Reyzin awarded prestigious NSF CAREER Award

2005-12-15 Department Holiday Party Held at The Castle

2005-10-13 Wayne Snyder featured in DFP article

2005-10-12 NSA officers and technical directors visit CS @ BU

2005-10-04 Rich West quoted in DFP article on Open Source

2005-10-01 Bestavros and Matta awarded NSF CyberTrust Award to study exploits of network dynamics

2005-09-30 Networking research highlighted in BU research magazine

2005-09-01 Byers and Bestavros awarded NSF NeTS Award to study network embeddings

2005-08-31 Ssta Sclaroff and students secure best paper at ICDAR’05

2005-08-15 BU Approves Reliable Information Systems and Cyber Security (RISCS) Center

2005-08-01 Leonid Levin’s NP completeness results featured in French science magazine

2005-06-06 Azer Bestavros interviewed by CIO Magazine on CS enrollments

2005-05-22 Congratulations Class of 2005!

2005-05-15 Michelle Paquette (GRS’05) featured in Arts and Sciences Magazine

2005-04-30 John Byers awarded tenure and promotion

2005-03-29 Angshuman Bagchi wins President’s Award at BU Science & Technology Day

2005-03-22 Department holds its 2005 IAP Research Day

2005-03-02 Margrit Betke featured in 2004 BU Research Magazine

2005-01-31 Margrit Betke featured on pages of the Daily Free Press

2005-01-31 Christos Faloutsos Delivers last of the Department’s 20th Anniversary Talks

2005-01-24 Margrit Betke is one of two academics in list of “Top 10 Women to Watch” in New England

2005-01-06 Stan Sclaroff named Senior Member of the IEEE


2004-12-15 Department Holiday Party Held at The Castle

2004-12-14 WING holds its 2004 Workshop with Ion Stoica of UC Berkeley delivering its annual lecture

2004-09-20 Rohit Parikh delivers 20th Anniversary Lecture on Logic of Knowledge and Social Software

2004-06-01 Collaboration between CS and Chemistry highlighted in 2004 BU Research Brief

2004-05-20 Vassilis Athisos and Jef Considine are winners of 2004 REA Award

2004-05-16 Harry Lewis delivers 2004 CS Convocation speech

2004-05-16 Congratulations Class of 2004!

2004-05-05 Diane Hirsh, Seth Roby, and Mark Saia elected to Phi Beta Kappa for academic achievementsw

2004-05-02 Department wins major DoEd GAANN Award

2004-04-26 Shafi Goldwasser delivers 20th Anniversary Lecture on Huge Random Object Generation

2004-04-22 Margrit Betke awarded tenure and promotion

2004-04-12 Margaret Wright delivers 20th Anniversary Lecture on Interior-Point Revolution

2004-03-22 Azer Bestavros selected as Distinguished Speaker of the IEEE, Computer Society

2004-03-17 Department holds its 2004 IAP Research Day

2004-03-15 ICDE’04 Best paper award goes to work by Kollios and Byers and their students

2004-03-08 Leonid Levin awarded the 2004 Klomogorov Medal

2004-01-10 BU WING group to host IEEE Workshop on Wireless Services and Applications

2004-01-09 BU Bridge reports on recent joint CS/Biology NSF ITR Grant