Wake Forest University Hackathon

  • All Day on Saturday, March 6, 2021
Wake Forest University will be hosting a virtual student-organized 24-hour hackathon from Saturday March 6th, 2021 to Sunday March 7th, 2021. Over 24 hours, students will learn, code, virtually socialize, and experience a variety of events. This is the third annual WakeHacks and features talks and other activities planned to increase exposure to different areas in the field of Computer Science. The theme this year is New Solutions to Old Problems! WakeHacks is an opportunity to meet like-minded students, as well as develop personal projects in an environment conducive to learning. This event is sponsored by Microsoft, Cisco, Inmar, Logikull, and Deutsche Bank. Students will have a chance to network with delegates from these companies during the hackathon. For the first time ever, interested students are able to participate in a dual Blockchain track, taking place during the same weekend as the larger hackathon. Organized by the Art and Antiquities Blockchain Consortium, Wake Forest Office of the Provost and with support from the Wake Forest Program for Leadership and Character, this project is conducted by a diverse team of students and professionals across a span of disciplines. Student teams will compete to develop a scalable blockchain-based proof of concept solution to fractionate rights to cultural property in conflict. Blockchain@Microsoft, the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition, and ConsenSys have committed to support this project. Additionally, free snacks will be provided along with swag from our sponsors in the form of care packages! Be sure to sign up and see FAQs using the website here: https://wakehacks.cs.wfu.edu/

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