Black Classism--Moving Forward

  • Starts: 5:30 pm on Monday, October 19, 2020

The Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum and Classics Department are pleased to co-present a virtual speaker series this fall entitled Black Classism--Moving Forward

The two talks expand the classical tradition to explore the role that the Classics played in the struggle for black liberty and equality in cultural traditions of Black America, and in the development of Black Classical philology and the origins of language and classical ideas. This is the first of the two (second on October 26).

Margaret Malamud, Professor of History and Islamic Studies at New Mexico State University Title: "Her brown hands bore me alabaster smooth:" Sculpting Cleopatra in Stone and Word. The quote is from a poem by Tyehimba Jess about Edmonia Lewis and her sculpture “The Death of Cleopatra.”

Prof. Malamud is the author of African Americans and the Classics: Antiquity, Abolition and Activism

The Core and Classics Houses are running a reading group on her above book.

With support from the NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor.


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