John Keklak

Title: Lecturer
Office: PSY 234
Phone: 978-261-3275
Education: MS, MIT


John Keklak joined the BU Department of Computer Science in 2006 to
teach CS411 Software Engineering. With over 30 years of professional
software development experience, John is a researcher and consultant in
software engineering, with patents in a number of areas of software.
John is President of Building Block Software, Inc., a Sudbury, MA
software engineering firm focused on CAD/CAM.

John’s software engineering research interests are related to enabling
programmers to understand existing code more quickly and accurately.
This research work has produced a number of techniques that accelerate
software development in the context of large bodies of legacy code, and
enable organizations to convert their software intellectual property to
a secure form. John’s CAD/CAM research contributions include numerous
algorithms, including robust 2D boundary offset and 2D region operations.

Patents and Awards

2012 European patent EP 1 425 718 B1 for simultaneous use of 2D and 3D data

2007 Provisional patent application 60/900,542 for an issue-centric
software engineering technique

2007 Patent 7,184,949 for the internal logic of a natural language
composition system

2006 Patent 6,941,262 for the graphical user interface a natural
language composition system

2003 Patent 6,647,395 for natural language processing algorithms

1993 Machine Design “Product of the Year” for Computervision’s Personal
Machinist products

1989 Patent 4,809,201 for graphical region processing algorithms