Postdoctoral Researchers

AbirAbir Das

Abir Das is a visiting research scholar in the department of Computer Science at Boston University. He is with the Image and Video Computing Group since September 2016, with Professor Kate Saenko as his advisor. Prior to this, he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Computer Science Department at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. He completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Riverside (UCR) under the guidance of Professor Amit Kumar Roy-Chowdhury. His PhD work involved the problems of tracking and re-identifying a large number of people over a network of cameras. More recently he started working on the intersection of language and vision, specifically, exploring the latest techniques in deep neural-networks towards generating natural language descriptions of videos.

PhD Students


Sarah Adel Bargal

Sarah joined the Image and Video Computing group in 2013. She is advised by Prof. Stan Sclaroff. Sarah is interested in machine learning and computer vision. She is particularly interested in developing deep learning formulations for the analysis of human motion and activities in video.


Wenxin Feng

Wenxin Feng joined the Image and Video Computing group in 2012, and is advised by Prof. Margrit Betke. Her research interest lies in human-computer interaction and focuses on human-computer interface design and human behavior study. She graduated from Renmin University of China and received her B.E. degree in Information Systems in 2012.


Kun He

Kun He is a PhD candidate in computer science, advised by Prof. Stan Sclaroff. He is interested in computer vision and machine learning, particularly in solving problems such as image retrieval and object recognition. Kun obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Boston University in 2013; before that, he graduated from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering.


Ajjen Joshi

Ajjen Joshi joined the Image and Video Computing group in 2012 after graduating from Connecticut College, where he majored in Computer Science and Architectural Studies and completed a certificate program in Arts and Technology. His broad research interests lie in computer vision, machine learning, and human computer interaction. He is also interested in the fields of art, architecture, and photography.


Xingchao Peng

Xingchao Peng is a Ph.D student advised by Prof. Kate Saenko, and joined IVC group in 2016. His research interest focuses on computer vision and machine learning, particularly on transfer learning, object classification and detection. Before joining IVC, he spent two years of his Ph.D career in University of Massachusetts Lowell. He got his bachelor’s degree from EECS department of Peking University in 2013. During undergraduate study, he did some research work on scene recognition in PKU ICTS LAB, advised by Prof. Yuxin Peng.


Vasili Ramanishka

Vasili Ramanishka joined the Image and Video Computing research group at Boston University in 2016, and is advised by Prof. Kate Saenko. Currently he is working on applications of machine learning to image and language understanding.



Mehrnoosh Sameki

Mehrnoosh Sameki is a third year PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Boston University, and is advised by Professor Margrit Betke. Her research is at the intersection of Human Computer Interaction and Computer Vision. She is interested in developing techniques for crowdsourcing to achieve a better understanding of biological processes.  She is currently developing systems to combine efforts of crowdsourced humans and algorithms to segment and track cells in phase contrast and fluorescence images. In 2012, she earned her B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran.

Elham Saraeeelham

Elham Saraee joined the Image and Video Computing group at Boston University after completing her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology. She is advised by Prof. Margrit Betke and Prof. Stan Sclaroff. Her research focuses on computer vision and applied machine learning. In particular, she is interested in facial, gesture and posture analysis of human.


Ben Usman

Ben Usman joined the Image and Video Computing group at Boston University in 2016. He is advised by Prof. Kate Saenko. His research interests lie in the intersection of deep learning, Bayesian inference and numerical linear algebra with applications in natural language and image understanding. Before that, he earned a degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.


Huijuan Xu

Huijuan is a PhD student in the computer science department at Boston University, advised by Professor Kate Saenko. Her research focuses on deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing, particularly in the area of visual question answering and video language description.


UROP/REU and MA students

Srivathsa Rajagopal MS expected 2017
Saurabh Singh MEng expected 2017
Jia Yao BA expected 2017


Vitaly Ablavsky PhD, 2011. Now with Systems & Technology Research
Wajeeha Akram MA 2007
Omar Al-Hinai Master’s degree, 2005.
Jonathan Alon PhD, 2006. Now with EZFace
Vassilis Athitsos PhD, 2006. Now a professor at U. Texas at Arlington.
Angshuman Bagchi Masters Degree, 2006. Senior Software Developer at Bloomberg.
Qinxun Bai PhD, 2016. Now with Vicarious.
Andrew Barbarello Masters Degree, 2013. Now at the National Institute for Standards and Techonology, MD
Mikhail Breslav PhD, 2016. Now with HP Labs.
Johanna Brewer Masters Degree 2004
Brian Borucki UROP summer 2016
Dan Buzan Masters Degree, 2003.
Fatih Cakir PhD, 2017. Now at FirstFuel Software.
Esra Cansizoglu Masters Degree 2009.
R. Gokberk Cinbis Masters 2010. PhD, 2014 from INRIA, Grenoble Rhone-Alps
Caitlin Connor BA 2009. Teach for America.
Eric Cornelius BA 2010
Stephen Crampton Masters Degree, 2004. The Dwight-Englewood School first. Now Amazon
Jacqueline Crescimanno BA 2010
Sarah Dubauskas BA Degree, May 2003.
Randa Elanwar Postdoctoral Researcher, 2015-2016. Now at Electronics Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt.
Sam Epstein
Murat Erdem PhD, 2008. Now with Object Video.
Mattia Gentil UROP, 2016. Now in Italy.
Mikhail Gorman Masters Degree, 2006. Now with Bluestreak, Inc.
Danna Gurari PhD, 2015. Now assistant professor at U. Texas Austin.
Oleg Gusyatin BA/MA 2004. First Cytyc and Hypermed. Now MIT Lincoln Labs.
Luis Hernandez Masters Degree, 2004.
Harrison Hong MA Degree, May 2003. Now at Revealimaging Technologies, Inc.
David Maurice House BA 2010 now working at MIT
Nazli Ikizler Cinbis Post-Doctoral Associate 2008-2010. Now on faculty at Hacettepe University.
Eric Immermann BA 2008
John Isidoro PhD, 2004. Now with ATI
John Joseph BA, UROP 2013.
Siripong Kaewyou Masters Degree, 1995
Seule Ki Kim Masters Degree, 2013. Now at Intuit, CA
Andrew Kurauchi Visiting PhD Student 2014-2015 from University of Sao Paulo
Chris Kwan BA/MA 2011. Now at at Lattice Engines
Marco La Cascia Visiting Researcher, 1996-1999. Now a professor at University of Palermo
Kevin Law BA 2005. Now with Google.
Dasom Lee BA, UROP 2013.
Edward Lee Masters Degree, 2005.
Rui Li Ph.D 2009. Now a research scientist at GE Global Research.
Tianqiang Liu Masters degree 2011. Now at Orbeus
Lifeng Liu PhD, 2000. Now at Cognex, Inc..
Liliana Lo Presti Post-Doctoral Associate 2011-2013. Now Postdoc at University of Palermo, Italy
Shugao Ma PhD, 2016. Now with Oculus Research.
John Magee PhD, 2011. Assistant professor at Clark University.
Hani Mawlawi Masters Degree, 1996. Now at Northrop Grumman-Canada.
Peter McNerney MA, September 2003. Formerly at USC’s Integrated Media, now at DreamWorks
Eric Missimer
William Mullally Ph.D 2009. Now with Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc.
Walter Nunziati Visiting PhD student Dec 2004-May 2005. With VIPLAB at U. of Florence.
Lisa Basile Premerlani MA 2007. Now with MIT Lincoln Labs.
Chekema Prince Bachelors Degree, 2002. Now working at MIT.
Marianne Procopio BA/MA 2007. MIT Lincoln Labs.
Romer Rosales PhD, 2002. Now research staff at LinkedIn.
Jason Ruel Masters Degree, 2003. MB at U. Washington in 2005. Now at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.
Matthew Scott BA 2004. Development Lead at Microsoft.
Saratendu Sethi Masters Degree, 2000. Now Director of Engineering, Teragram Corp.
Maria Shugrina BA 2007. Now PhD student at MIT.
Matheen Siddiqui M.S., 2002. Now Researcher in the Applied Sciences Group, Microsoft.
Leon Sigal Masters Degree, 1999. Now a research scientist at Disney Research, Pittsburgh.
Luke Skelly MA 2007, now with MIT Lincoln Labs.
Alexandra Stefan Masters Degree, 2008. Now at U. Texas at Arlington.
Kenda Stewart BA Degree, May 2003. JD at Cornell University, 2006. Now at Virtusa.
Sridevi Suresh UROP 2013-2014.
Leyong (Alex) Tan Masters Degree in September 2011
Shuang Tang Masters Degree, 2005.
Leonid Taycher Masters Degree, 1997. PhD, MIT. Now at Twitter.
Ashwin Thangali PhD, 2013. Now on research staff at Vecna Technologies
Diane H. Theriault PhD, 2015. BA, 2004. Now software engineer at Google.
Tai-Peng Tian PhD, 2011. Senior Researcher, Apple, Inc.
Laura Tiberii MA, 2006.
Mikhail Urison MA 2003
Javier Flavio Vigueras Gomez Visiting Scholar 2010-11. Now on faculty at Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí
Benjamin Waber BA/MA 2006. PhD 2011 from MIT Media Lab. Now CEO of Sociometric Solutions
Jingbin Wang PhD 2007. Now with Google.
Jared Wickman Masters Degree, 2007.
Zheng Wu PhD, 2012. Post-Doctoral Associate, 2012-2013. Now senior computer vision engineer at Mathworks, Inc.
Hee Deok Yang Visiting Student 2005-2006. Now Assistant Professor at Chosun University.
Emily Yu CRA-W Distributed Mentoring Program, student at Williams College, class of 2011
Quan Yuan Ph.D 2009. Currently Senior Imaging Scientist at Ventana Medical Systems.
Jianming Zhang PhD, 2016. Now with Adobe Research.
Jing Zhong Masters Degree, 2004. Now with Amicas